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Competitor Information

Competitor entries must be submitted by 4pm on the 4th June 2022 to avoid an additional late fee of $100.00

Due last years blow out the circuit race competitor entry fee is $100 for both days plus $100.0 per Day for Crane use if required- Open water boat entry is $250.00

Main Gate

All entrants must log in using the QR Code if applicable. In the event that you have a problem with entry at the main gate please contact Aaron Hill
At all times please remain courteous to our marshals as they are volunteers trying to the job to the best of their ability· 

Please see COVID-19: details for the event this weekend.

Please take care to read through what is expected re our COVID-19 safety plan, all competitors and spectators will be expected to adhere to these requirements.

• Each attendee must do a symptom self-assessment prior to leaving home and not attend if they are unwell or have been instructed to isolate or quarantine.

• All participants, volunteers and organisers are to declare verbally before each session that they are free of symptoms, have not been in contact with a confirmed case and have not been directed to isolate.

• All drivers, crews and workers in the designated Pit / Racing Area will need to sign in each day using the QR Code provided for the weekend to ensure adequate contact tracing.

• To mitigate the risk of close contact and shared touch items, please complete all paperwork prior to attendance.

• Enhanced hygiene practices will be reinforced onsite including the use of sanitiser and handwashing stations and regular spot cleaning of high touch surfaces.

• To remind the crowd of density and social distancing we will have COVIDSafe signage posted onsite of physical distancing requirements.

• All spectators need to sign in each day using the QR Code provided if applicable for the weekend to ensure adequate contact tracing.


The Pits are located on your right as you pass through the main gate.

Only the towing vehicles and its race boat will be allowed into the pit area.
Do not park either your towing vehicle or race boat without direction by the Pit Marshals
Towing vehicles will be parked alongside each boat to allow access to the EGPBC tractors to launch and retrieve each entrant’s boat.
Pit arm bands are to be shown to the pit gate marshal before entry is given.
Under no circumstance will smoking, consumption of alcohol and the lighting of BBQ’s be tolerated.

All boat trailers must have the name of the boat prominently displayed and a trailer attendant must be present as boats are launched and retrieved.


Race boats will be scrutinised from Friday afternoon at the allocated pit tent .

When you enter the pits please attend the VOC van and collect your entry pack Scrutineering must be completed by 8.30am on Saturday.

Please carefully read this information.


Pits will be cleared of all persons at 8.30 am on both Saturday and Sunday morning.
Only those personnel who are directly involved in the race program can collect their Pit Armbands from the Pit Marshal before returning to the pit area.
When they have collected their pit armband they are to immediately return to the pit area in time for the Race Briefing.
The Race Briefing will be given on both Saturday and Sunday by the Officer of the Day at 9.00am sharp.

Breath Testing

All drivers will be breath tested prior to official Race Briefing


Presentations will take place approximatley 1 Hour after pack up. All owners and drivers are invited to attend.

Advance notice of all presentations will be given over the PA and made known to owners and drivers.


All drivers/owners are to provide advance notice to the club if your boat requires a crane to enter the water.
This must be given by 4th June and a $100.00 per day fee is applicable.

Document Downloads

Download and type in information and return by email.

Signing can be done on arrival or please post/email completed forms to the Secretary.

  • East Gippsland Powerboat Club Membership Form - download


Please email forms to the Secretary:

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